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29 Al-Qaeda members escape from the central prison in Sana’a

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Asma al-Mohattwari

Violent acts resulting from the security chaos and weapons spread escalated in Yemen in an unprecedented way and the last terrorist attack was a car bomb explosion near the central prison resulting in 29 al-Qaeda prisoners to escape, 10 dead and five injured.

Gen. Mohammed Alzelb, the chairman of the Prison Service, in a press statement, stated that they reported the leadership of the Interior Ministry the seriousness of al-Qaeda prisoners, and the need for security enhancements in Sana’a’s prison and other central prisons.

A security source in the interior ministry, said that the car exploded near the headquarters of the central prison and near the terrorist groups section, “part of the wall collapsed due to the explosion of the car, and resulted in a whole that anyone can access from it,” he added.

Five months have passed when Al-Qaeda leader in the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Basir Nasser al-Whaishu, pledged to carry out liberalization acts for al-Qaeda prisoners in Yemeni prisons. On August 12th al-Whaishu said imprisonment will not be for long and constraints will not remain.

It is not the first time that al-Qaeda succeeded in smuggling its followers in prisons in different Yemeni governorates in a clear breach of the security agencies that serve a certain political agenda. After the first al-Qaeda members smuggling in 2006 which resulted in the escape of 23 al-Qaeda leaders from Sana’a, the terrorists escaping process repeated. In 2011, 16 prisoners escaped from Aden, the escape of 80 al-Qaeda members from al-Mukalla prison in Hadramout and 28 prisoners escape from the central prison in Saieon 2013.

Through the repeated escaped of al-Qaeda members, the Yemeni government did not put a deterrent punishment or even take the al Qaeda threat seriously.