Endless Tales of Aden City

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Aden city from the top mountain of Sairah

By Tamjid Alkohali

She can’t forget that magic and beauty of nature, the feeling of warmth, happiness and tranquility which she felt while laying on a rock near the sea. The view of people at the beach speaking in silence with the sea and the love, respect, and humorous attitudes given to her from many of the friendly Adeni people.

“Aden is the city of tales, legends, poetry, and music, mixing with smell of its original incense. It is the prime destination for those who want to live the adventure.” al-Beel added.

“I can never forget these memories which are stained in my mind from my visit to Aden.” Said by Amaal  Aljohy, a 27 years old women working as a teacher in Sana’a.

Aljohy added, “She loves Aden, for it is the place where she can throw all of her fatigue of life in every year. However, three years ago she did not visit because of the lawlessness and tense situations between the north and south.  She wondered how tourism in this charming city would be after the regions system, trusting our international community and the Adeni people.

From his side, the official for tourism activities in Sana’a, Ahmed al-Beel, is optimistic for the coming phase of Yemen, as he believes “the regions system would not affect badly on tourism in Aden”. On that note, the internal and external tourism in Aden has decreased especially in the last period, but still being under one state this may help to increase the tourist activity through competition among regions.  

On the other hand, al-Beel emphasized that tourist activities in Aden did not reach to the deterioration in which tourist activities in Sana’a has reached. Aden’s strategic location led to the improvement of tourist activities within the city by having Aden’s port as a cruise line destination point coming from Europe, North America, China and other countries, adding to civil life, friendly people, and the archaeological and historical monuments.

To define Aden, it is a volcanic Peninsula in the Aden Gulf on the southern coast of Yemen. Surrounding Aden city are various islands which all have elements of marine tourism such as, Sira Island in the east, al-Omaal Island in the West, and etc. Aden’s strategic location makes it control sea routes which link Asia and Africa with Europe, making it one of the most important international ports, especially during the British colonial period.

Abdul Hassan Al Ameri, whom has 30 years of experience in tourism in Yemen spoke with our NationalYemen team about the Historical significance of Aden, stating that “throughout its history, Aden is still an important commercial, economic and cultural centre for attracting different migrations and cultures such as, Arabs, Indians, Persians, Turks, Africans, Europeans, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. This cultural and religious diversity creates an open, civil and friendly society within Aden.

 “Because of the Historical significance, Aden consists of many archaeological and historical monuments, for example; Aden Cisterns which there about 53 Cisterns distributed on the mountain peaks that are surrounding the city, as well as Sira castle which dates back to before Islam begun in Yemen. In addition to the historical mosques, national and military museums, and many of the art showrooms which show paintings of the most prominent contemporary artists Al-Ameri added.  

Regarding to the beauty of nature in Aden, Al-Ameri said that Aden includes a series of the most famous beaches and bays, such as the Gold Coast, Brega coast,  Qadeer coast, lovers coast, and other coasts that qualify Aden in being a good place to practice marine tourist activities, like Fishing, diving, swimming and kayaking.  Al-Ameri continued “the tourists who visit Aden have a chance to enjoy watching different kinds of rare birds, the tasting of fresh fish and other popular foods, as well as shopping in traditional markets.”  

Al-Ameri emphasized that the improvement in tourism services in Aden helped to attract a lot of tourists who come to Yemen, adding to the modern life and the hospitable people. “Today in Aden there are no less than 120 hotels in different standards, chalets, restaurants, parks, nightclubs, popular and modern markets, various transportations as well as other services that lead to more interesting and comfortable trip for tourists. 

From Al-Ameri’s point of view, even if there is a decline of tourism in Aden because of tense situations recently, tourists will return immediately and strongly when the situation improves especially after ending the National Dialogue Conference and the regions System that were declared recently.

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