NDC outcomes Interests on Children and Mother Issues

National Yemen

Photo by Reuters/ Ahmed Jadallah, courtesy – AlertNet

By Wafa Alkhazzan

People are suffering from the lack of health services, especially women and children that live in rural areas, they are suffering from high rates of rural to urban migration due to poor services of rural development. In rural areas, 24% of the population has access to health services from a total of 42 % of the citizens who receive health services from government facilities. Poor access to health services due to the low coverage of the population and because of that financial resources are not sufficient to treat: indirect expenses of transportation expenses and the value of treatment. Treatment services for women are still increasingly difficult. Complicated by the social customs, traditions, needing of health facilities and also being checked in by a woman, facing more difficult access to health services.

The National Dialogue Conference outcomes interested in health issues especially focusing on the importance of taking care of the children and women and considering that it is the most important issue that the government should meet their needs and provide them with possibilities in all sides that relate to child and mother. As the national dialogue discussed many issues concerning to health such as; providing clubs and stadiums for women to do exercises, also the state guarantees the right to health and safety of the body of citizens of all ages and ensure proper nutrition and providing food and drink without discrimination.

The national dialogue interests in the caring of mother and child taking it to account, from its output is to provide services and prepare cadres and rehabilitation centers for children and mothers to receive more attention to allow them to grow in a healthy environment. They work to establish the moral values that reflect the status of the mother and the family and their role in society. Besides coordination and cooperation with the formal sectors and civil society organizations concerned with motherhood, childhood and territories locally and internationally they also stressed the importance of creating a database to provide information and statistics and studies related to the affairs of motherhood and childhood at the national level, and contribute to the provision of family stability by providing direction and guidance services.