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The Effect of Yemen’s Membership with the WTO

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Minister of trade and commerce

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in alliance with the European Union held a special conference for the media and press on the 6th of February in reliance to the concluding negotiations on the accession of Yemen joining the WTO (World Trade Organization); depicting the stages that our country will have to face in completing the membership requirements.

The conference focused on how to benefit the membership and integration into the multilateral trading system, which is organized by the WTO Agreement. 

In addition, the conference discussed the required future steps of the country to achieve maximum benefit from the multilateral trading system.

The conference held according the directions of the government and the Ministry of Industry to distinguish the benefits that Yemen would receive from this junction.    

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Pro. Saad Al-Din Bin Taleb, emphasized that Yemen’s accession to the WTO will not have any negative effects on the labor nor revenue.   

On the other hand, the Minister of Transportation Ahmed Obaid bin Zagr stressed the necessity of taking the suitable procedures to stop Yemen’s accession to the WTO, because the public sector is still the main tributary to the public treasury of the State as well as negative results which will affect (12) thousand workers in PTC and mail.

However, Bin Taleb said that joining the WTO is an important incentive to develop the economy and the national product as well as liberalization in the World Trade Market, especially among Member States in the World Trade Organization, pointing out to the ministry will honor everyone contributed in implementing this work of former ministers and others affiliated.     

The Council of Ministers agreed at its last consultation on the Protocol of Accession, and it will be submitted to the Council of Representatives to complete the procedures, and then taken to the President of the Republic for his approval.

The conference showed a number of Working Papers about the steps of joining Yemen to the WTO, and Yemen’s negotiations to reach to the markets, adding Working Papers about the protection of national production and the European aid to join.

At the end, a number of journalists asked a few questions about the benefit of Yemen’s accession to the WTO, and its role to improve Yemeni production. 

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  • Thank you so much richie. I needed that more than you know. to look at it the way it is explained the that story is a real eye opener. God is doing great things in this generation, i'm so excited. Love ya'll God Keep Blessing!!