Altaaqa Global wins ‘Power Project of the Year’ at Middle East Electricity Award

Press release

Altaaqa Global, as a global temporary power and energy solution specialist, recently won ‘Power Project of the Year’ for its Yemen power project and was highly commended for its role in innovation. 

Dubai, UAE: Altaaqa Global CAT Rental Power has recently received the award for ‘Power Project of the Year’ for its power plant project in Aden, Yemen. Altaaqa Global was highly commended for its contribution to product innovation, social responsibility and impressive delivery during the Middle East Electricity Awards 2014, held at the Dubai International Convention Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


According to the judges, “Altaaqa Global played a critical role in the electric power industry. This award category is given to a company that offers the best planning, delivery and execution of any power plant in the Middle East region. Altaaqa Global won in this category for its excellent design, innovative power solutions, fuel savings, record-breaking project installation and an exceptional commitment to provide support to its client.” 

The 54 MW temporary power plant was built in just 23 days from signing the contract and has the capacity to supply up to 150,000 homes with electricity, benefitting more than half a million people in the city of Aden.

Khalil Abdul Malik, General Manager of Yemen’s Public Electricity Corporation, commented, “Altaaqa Global is not only our supplier, but a real and genuine partner that helped us to solve the most difficult energy challenges in our country. Their strategic approach to solving complex electrical challenges combined with stellar innovation, unequalled customer support, the best of breed fuel-efficient power solutions and an impressive on-time delivery is a real testament to their achievement. They have gone the extra mile and made an indelible mark in Yemen as one of the most reliable temporary power companies.” 

“We are humbled when our peers in the engineering and construction industry recognise our hard work in providing temporary power solutions to areas where electricity is scarce or not available,” said Peter den Boogert, General Manager of Altaaqa Global. “We are also proud of our record as the fastest energy rental company that can deliver power rental solutions at a moment’s notice, even during emergencies. Altaaqa Global has been recognised with this momentous award and I attribute our success to the team spirit and combined diligent efforts of our great people.”

Steven Meyrick, Board Representative of Altaaqa Global, added, “We are always committed to deliver exceptional temporary power and energy solutions anywhere in the world. Every employee knows that hundreds of millions of people rely on us every day and that is what our job is all about – providing a service to the people. Our organisation goes beyond the paradigm of rental power: we not only provide boxes of generators, but we provide progress too. We bring hope and stability to communities, companies and entire nations through our energy solutions. No matter how complex our clients’ problems may be, we always have the right solutions and are always ready to serve.”

Majid Zahid, Director for Strategic Accounts at Altaaqa Global, said, “This achievement demonstrates our capability to deliver effective and efficient energy solutions. Our strategic partners in Caterpillar, together with our engineering team, always provide the most modern equipment and innovative solutions that no other rental power company can match. Our work in Oman, where we installed 24 MW in just 96 hours, and our Yemen power plant, which took only 23 days to build, are energy industry record breakers.