The Facts Should Be Known

Fakhri al-Arashi

Many would agree with existing statistic of the fragile situation politically, security and so on in our country. What I would like to highlight out of all these accepted facts is the front page news story in al-Thawra daily government Arabic newspaper. It depicts the national security (NS) denying the news in reliance to them and were astonished to review the Arabic online websites and some of the yellow newspapers quoting the national security faultily.

The NS response was that wrong information was released; the NS captured five Lebanese fellows whom were working connected to Hezeb Allah during their departure from Sana’a International Airport. In addition, news that the NS eavesdropped harmful phones calls of the former President after rockets hit Sana’a this past month from Sanhan.  Furthermore the NS revealed the destabilizing campaign directed by the son of the former President to foil current government plans, above that the national security secured enough data to verify the direct involvement of the top offenders and the names of the power cables saboteurs and oil pipeline assailants.

The national security than released a statement to take legal actions against these previous websites and yellow newspapers if they continue to publish rumors and unethical stories of the organization. Leading to believe than whom are the real offenders if they are denying these actions.  We at least deserve to know the truth behind this tale so we do not receive thoughtless threats in judging the media for their outcomes and assumptions.  The media would appreciate some truth from the NS rather than intimidation.

The question now remains, what are the facts that should come from the NS? If they continue to deny their knowledge about the above statements to the public, then who is the country’s enemy? If the information that was given was false, what is reality?

People, even diplomats working in Yemen are yearning for the truth and many are striking out. Maybe perhaps another government source will deny the news of the TOTAL Company and the government tension on gas deals that are currently taken place.