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Nine injured in a Clash in the Hodeida Port

Asma al-Mohattwari

After Hundreds of army and security deportees closed the Hodeida port gates and reserved three of the port oil locomotives, forces of Yemeni police military lifted the siege from the harbor.

Wednesday, February 19th, soldiers of the Central Security shut down the port of Hodeida, which thus triggered the exchange of fire with troops of the military police. The army and security deportees protested and refused their distribution outside the province of Hodeida. They were recruited two years ago in Abyan and their demand was to be back in Hodeida, the government did not care about their requests so they turned to violence.

One of the protesters stated that the defense and interior ministries ignored their demands and peaceful march that escalated months ago.

Hani al-Maslami, a witness, told NationalYemen that the clashes and shooting between them resulted in nine deportees’ soldiers injured, one killed and a number of them arrested for their actions.

After the clashes, protesters and soldiers dropped from the gate of the harbor, forcing the port street to close consequently having military police spread.

Most importantly, Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, defense minister, visited Hodeida province on Tuesday February 18th and during his visit the general had directed the return of 500 soldiers and officers who have been removed from their jobs in the military. Mohammed al-Qadiri, Vice Dean of marine College and the head of Tehama Hirak, said that the 500 soldiers were only representing less than 10% , thus leading to the question, ” what about the other 90%?”  Replying with that he will work hard until all of the army and security deportees have returned.

Al-Maslami government should not use discrimination and make problems between the Yemenis and must return all soldiers to Hodeida.




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