President: Two Years in Office

Reminiscing the 17th of November for the past 33 years. The day the people recommended the  former President to office. In each year, the government offices, Presidents office and the people loyal to him were very much enthusiastic to celebrate this day in his favor. The media channels and newspaper prints did their part to promote such an import occasion on the line of change for the Yemenis.

The whole propaganda and prestigious celebrity is no longer existing with the current President , Not because he does not want to do so, but for the slow response from the community and fellows whom were contributing to the success of that occasion.

What grabbed my attention during this year is the poor coverage of the National TV, who was the key planner for the promotional side. Yes, they broadcasted a two year portfolio for the resident, but it was unsatisfactory and it was full of challenges with a complete sad tone. Yemen today, the former President TV channel broadcasted an outstanding documentary series presenting the positive aspects of the former president and his democracy in handing over the power smoothly and safely to his deputy at that time.

Of course we do not expect to see a change rapidly, but we do expect and deserve a better future for our country. The question remains, if we have a better past similar to how the former President’s media are discussing and promoting, then why would we have the revolution? Its politics playing its silly hand on us and the people have nothing to do with the change. The change has come to a reality and we have to work for it in all its different aspects. Poor ideas are emerging to disturb the situation; media is the first arm to begin with and use faithfully and many be negatively.