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President: We Must Make Concessions to Maintain National Cohesion

By NY Staff

President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi stressed on Sunday the importance of making concessions to maintain the country’s unity and turn the page of the past.

During a meeting with over ninety sheikhs of Yemen, topped by Sheikh Sadiq Bin Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar, the President reviewed a number of national issues and successes that have been achieved to date.

“We must make concessions to each other to reflect the national cohesion and turn the past page,” Hadi said, stressing that the dialogue outcomes will forge a new era of Yemen and a new ruling system based on justice, fairness and participation in wealth and powers.

The region system in the federal state will enhance the unity of Yemen and maintain the republican system.” He said that many countries adopts the federal system, by which they have become industrialized and economically advanced, such as China, Russia, the United States, Germany and many others.

He said that the federal system was decided by the dialogue outcomes based on accurate scientific studies and for close administration in development, service, economic and security areas.

“Countless problems have been caused by centralization, therefore, the federal system will handle them all,” the President said, confirming that all the financial and administrative powers will be given to the regions and the provinces.

Concerning the adoption of Islamic Sharia as a source of all legislations in the new Constitution, he stated it would exactly adopt the same texts in the current constitution.

Finally, Hadi said Yemen, by a modern administration, will be able to make remarkable successes and development at various levels.