Yemen’s external debt stands at $7.2 bn by end of 2013

National Yemen


SANA’A, – Yemen’s external debt stood at $7.232 billion by the end of December 2013, down $9 million from December 2012, the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) said on Saturday.

The biggest portion of the debt, nearly $3.560 billion, is from international funding organizations, over $2 billion is owed to the International Development Association (IDA), according to CBY’s figures.

The Central Bank reported that the country’s debt for member countries of the Paris Club ranked second ($1.620 billion), with the largest creditors being Russia ($1.143 billion).

Yemen’s debt to the non-member countries of the Paris Club amounted to $1.533 billion, mostly ($1.340 billion) Yemen owed to the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), the Bank said.

The report also stated other debt of $518 million for unidentified bodies.