Cancer Scare Faces Yemen

By Wafa alkhazzan

Cancer, a malignant tumor which arises from the growth of one of the body’s cells growing abnormally or mutated.  These tumors can be deadly, and thus far there has not been a cure for this disease just chemotherapy and surgical procedures if at its early stages.  It is subject to the laws of nutrition and normal growth in the human body, the tumors growth has no limitations until it reaches the blood system in which the doctors can do so much. They’re a number of ways that this disease can branch out from your body, from the brain to pancreatic cancer, more than 250 different kinds of tumors. However, this disease is not contagious or hereditary but because of a defect in the cells it leads to the fast division of many cells.

Cancer in Yemen has become an obsession with horror that has spread among Yemenis in various levels of physical and cultural aspects. Causing a big concern, this disease leads to people living in sorrow and suffering among families in Yemen, which will pick the epidemic of the malignant and mercilessly, being a fatal disease increases dramatically and unexpectedly. Also it is consider as a political crisis in which Yemeni people live in, whereas many people complain of the lack of medicines in government hospitals with a heavy weight, while official statistics indicate that the number of cancer patients is approximately 22 thousand per year.

According to statistics from the National Center for the Treatment of Tumors that has since opened in 2005, received more than 11 thousand cases that year, and in 2006 amounted to more than 13,269 cases, with an increase in 2007 amounting to more than 19 thousand cases. The Sana’a province are in the first stage, followed by Taiz, Ibb and then Hodeida. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Foundation for Cancer in Taiz, Munir Ahmed Hail, stated that “the occurrence of cancer has reached to 13% with children diagnosed, 30% among adults and 57% among the elderly.

The National Foundation for Combat Cancer launched the world day event in Sana’a February 4th, 2014, to fight cancer in which they created an exhibit to increase awareness in 2014. At the launch, which was attended by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Amt AlRazzaq Homad, and Secretary General of the local council in Sana’a Secretary Joma’an advisor confirmed the National Foundation for Cancer for financial affairs Hassan Alkboos the importance of reviving the World Day to Combat Cancer and awareness of the causes of the disease and prevention methods to protect against this disease in reaping thousands of lives in Yemen and the millions around the world.

Also, he added that “the tragedy of cancer in our country worsens significantly due to ignorance and neglect, pesticides spread without supervision or control, smoking score ratio is the highest in the Arab and Islamic countries, and the awareness of the importance of prevention and early detection are almost non-existent in many of the people in our nation. ”