Political Analysis

Security Officers Declare Their Support for February 11 Campaign

Asma al-Mohattwari

February 26th, Yemeni officers in the Interior Ministry support the February 11th campaign, Revolution Against Corruption, demanding the fall down of the government and the formation of a technocratic government.

Their support to the campaign is a direct result of the security deterioration in the country, and the failure of the Minister of Interior to achieve any progress in spreading security, noting that the survival of the current government and Ministries means the continuity of killings, sabotage and corruption.

Statistics showed that there are more than 400 assassinations from the army and security, government officials and politicians including 316 soldiers, 75 officers, 9 government officials and politicians. Terrorist attacks targeted them in different provinces around Yemen, the most being in Hadramout, Shabwa, al-Baydha, Sana’a and Abyan with the government taking no action with the criminals.

Armed forces and security officers announced their public forum in the Change Square in Sana’a. In a statement by the public forum, the officers called for the army and security restructure on a national basis and the prohibition of the partisan in the security and military institutions.

The statement rejected the sovereignty violation and demanded to reconsider the federalism project on a national basis and scientific studies. Also they stressed that they will follow-up with the criminal and terrorist targeting the armed and security forces and bring them to justice for trial.