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Four women and thirteen men to draft new Yemeni charter:

National Yemen


By NY Staff

President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has ordered a panel to draw up a constitution that will transform Yemen into a new federation. This decree coincides with the transitional period to move the country forward, despite opposition in the north and south that tries to slow political change.

The 17-member panel were members at the National Dialogue Conference, and includes four women. They are expected to implement a decentralization plan agreed last year to create four regions in north Yemen, and two in the south.

The presidential decree gives the nominated group one year to draw up the constitution to be put to a referendum, after being adopted by a commission overseeing its work, the official TV channel reported Saturday.

The panel is composed of experts including former diplomats and judges who were ordered to act “independently of the executive branch and political formations in the country,” said the source.

The decentralization initiative is an effort by Yemen’s national government to meet the demands of the country’s southern population which has been calling for greater autonomy from Sana’a for decades, and especially since the 1994 civil war. However, the initiative has been rejected by others, such as Shiite Houthi rebels in the country’s northern region, as it is seen as splitting the country into rich and poor regions.