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Oil Pipeline Bombed in Ghail Bin Yemeen

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By NY Staff

Unknown people bombed the carrier oil pipeline from Masila Fields to the Dhabbwa port in Hadramout on Saturday. Locals said that the bombing occurred in the area of Ghail Bin Yemeen, where there are al-Humoum Tribes whose Sheikh Sa’ad bin Habrish was killed in a clash with the military last December.

Tribes and the Yemeni military continue to clash in Hadramout as the army is expected to secure the property of oil companies invested in the area. This has been the third bombing in as many months, despite Hadramout’s tribes accepting presidential arbitration.

The deal was that tribes would receive more than one billion YR, twenty cars, and dozens of weapons. Twelve soldiers were also exchanged for five tribesmen by the military. The arbitration document was edited by religious scholar Abdul Rahman Baabbad, who assisted the president in stopping violence during Hadrami protests at the end last year.