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Yemeni director… happy to for our candidature for Oscar

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Sarah Ishaq

By NY Staff

The Yemeni documentary film, titled “Karama has no walls”, was nominated for Academy Award for Best Short Film along with thirteen others, three of them Arab. This was the first time a Yemeni film was nominated for an Oscar, though it did not get the award.

Sarah Ishaq expressed her happiness at the film’s nomination regardless, as it was a great feeling and achievement to arrive at the Oscars along with other production companies. Yemen joined other established countries with its own film industry.

“As everybody knows, we are still in our beginnings in this field. However, this year, Yemen was nominated for an Academy Award and we could stand on the Oscar podium. We also got a lot of praise from famous directors and artists all over the world.”

Ishaq added that the prestige of being nominated was worthwhile, as many films get nominated and do not ultimately receive an award.

Ishaq spoke about the film, saying that it carries a national idea. It is meant to document an important phase in Yemeni history, which is the youth revolutions and the murders that happened on Karama Friday throughout the film.

“A lot of people weren’t caring about the revolution like my family, but their views have changed after watching the injustice suffered by the youths on Karama Friday and how they continued their peaceful demands despite everything.”

Yemeni director added that she wanted to show the world the humanitarian aspect of the Yemeni revolution separately from institutional politics, because she doesn’t belong to any political party. Ishaq emphasized that she is a human rights activist, not a political one

“Karama Has No Wall’s nomination for an Academy Award is good for two reasons.  First, it’s a rare chance to highlight humanitarian issues in Yemen instead of Al-Qaeda and political conflicts, and the second is that this nomination gives credibility to Yemeni artists.”

Sara Ishaq is a Yemeni Scottish director. She went back to Yemen after studying film directing in Scotland to film Karama Has No Walls and other movies.