Yemeni Woman on her International Day

National Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Asma al-Mohattwari

The martyr Abdel Fattah Ismail said the word will be broken and has no meaning if it is not for people. I agree, and it is my opinion that the word will remain useless if it is not to claim and achieve equality as a right guaranteed by the Constitution for women.

On International Women’s Day, the world celebrate the achievements made by women after getting their freedom, but in Yemen we celebrate this day and woman still struggle to obtain and get her basic rights.

Although the Yemeni women achieved a great participation in the National Dialogue conference (NDC) and had a voice, this did not apply to women who are uneducated and really suffering. If women rule, they are still in remote places and do not understand your plight.

Women in the leadership positions, please stop struggling to achieve quota. First, struggle to feed poor women, educate the illiterate and provide them health, then think in your own interest to be a minister or even president.

If all Yemeni women received good education, marry after the age of 18, receiving perfect care when giving birth and do not die from hunger then we have the right to demand equality in the political and decision makers positions. Not only by 30%, but by 50%.

The “Yemeni woman” is the mother, sister, daughter and wife. she is the half of the society and even some assert that women are the whole society. All that is repeated in the speeches, seminars, lectures, and some books, but in reality nothing of that applies to daily life. Woman is still carried by a man and he is the only one who decides her fate, although woman has proved herself creative in different fields. Our society is still male-dominated.

Today, Yemen celebrates the International Woman’s Day under the slogan “Women’s equality progress for all.” I am in total agreement with that because communities can’t be developed without female advancement. Now it is time that the Yemeni woman should prove her ability and role in achieving her rights.

All that women achieved in the NDC is useless if not transferred to rules in the new constitution. I hope that the NDC women will take real responsibility to defend and follow up on all the laws and legislations related to women.

I am sure the day will come when we will celebrate International Women’s Day in a time where the illiteracy rate among women is zero, all women are educated and have all their rights by their own efforts, and when her brother, the man, stand with her and supports her.

Until that time I wish for  all women to work with each other, and to do so far away from political and partisan interventions