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Turkish Ambassador regrets fake news about his mission to Marib

National Yemen

Turkish Ambassador to Sana’a

By NY Staff

The Turkish Ambassador’s 10 March 2014 visit to Marib Governorate, accompanied by the Governor of Marib and a delegation of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) was reported innacurately by Yemeni media. Regretably, some members of Yemeni media reported it in such a way to cause misunderstanding, which affects public opinion on the works of the Turkish Embassy.

In contrast to those reports, the visit has been done with the complete knowledge and organization of official Yemeni authorities. Obviously the visit has been no “secret” directed towards future investment in the oil and gas industry. Yemen TV and the official news agency followed for the whole visit, broadcasting and publishing a great deal of information about it on the same day.

The Embassy is grateful for the arrangements by Yemeni authorities in facilitating this visit. It provided a unique chance to review, in the field, the cooperation needed between the two countries. Future relationships were discussed that involve the Governorate of Marib, the Embassy, and TIKA Office in Sana’a.