Camel Urine has Benefits, but Downsides

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Camel Urine has Benefits, but Downsides

By wafa A.Alkhazzan

The composition of camel urine (analysis of pH) is generally alkaline and is unlike human urine, which is pungent, contains a large amount of potassium and low in sodium when it compared to camel urine. This means that it has some benefits, however, there are also a number of problems that must be remembered.

Camel urine has less uric acid, and is rich in electrolytes and an ideal amount of potassium. It also has enough Antidiuretic Hormone to speed intestinal activity, which can be good for many patients. However, patients need to remember that drinking camel urine has many drawbacks, and should not be done as a substitute for other medication. It is also unknown whether it actually follows through on some benefits, such as alleviating rheumatoid arthritis and helping with diabetes. Doctors must be consulted whenever camel urine is used.

The main benefit of camel urine is for hair. Camel urine adds a shine to hair over time, and is often used as a way to strengthen longer hair before weddings. It is also believed that it makes hair longer, however, this may not be true.

Adnan Germanic is an owner of a traditional oil pressing room called Al-Massara in Sana’a, and uses a small camel-powered mill for oil extraction. He says that camel urine is very profitable, and that a liter can sell for as high as 500 rials.

Camel milk is also popular, and many use it in conjunction with urine for a variety of treatments.