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Fashion competition enters second year

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Fashion show display in Sana’a

By Tamjid Alkohali 

As part of its commitment to social and human activities, Al-Rawaishan for Investment  and development , the sole agent of BMW and Land Rover vehicles in Yemen, sponsored along a traditional fashion show with female designers on Saturday. It was joined by other commercial forms. The event was held by She & He Institute for Culture, Development, and Training, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Sana’a Chamber of Commerce.

Culture Minister Abdullah Aubl delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of preserving Yemeni heritage and costumes, and that the rivalry created by competition adds another element to this. He argued that we have a generation of fashion innovators and that competition helps them make the necessary leaps, which is important for Yemeni women who wish to elevate themselves in the future.

Manager Balqis al-Ahmad of She & He said that the event aims to encourage women to enter in these competitions, and emphasized that there is a large number of female designers. Eighteen women participated this year, including one who was eleven.

Turkish Ambassador’s spouse Gülhan Çorman was in attendance, and emphasized the importance of popular fashion to know peoples’ civilizations and histories. She expressed her admiration for Yemeni popular fashion in all the governorates. 

Sisters Hana and Bushra Raja won first place, with Hana al-Matari and Huda Thabet taking third. The fashion show was accompanied by dances, with the participation of Yemeni schools and a Palestinian dance team. There were also handicrafts, fashions from different Arab countries, and a sampling of Yemeni cuisine.