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Government Seeking To Meet Hadhramout Tribal Alliance’s Demands

National Yemen

Tribes of Hadhramout demand the right to job opportunities

By NY Staff
It started to appear in the real life,” Sheikh Abdurrahman Ba Abad said of the clear presidential directives to implement the Hadhramout Tribal Alliance’s demands that he communicated on December 20th.
Sheikh Ba Abad pointed out that one of these directives was the employment of 70% of Hadrami youth, with priority given in concession areas such as the oil industry. This is in addition to pledged employment for 50% of graduates from professional and technical universities and institutes in the province.
Ba Abad said that there are presidential directives to train all graduates from universities in collaboration with Hadhramout University, technical institutes, and the offices of the ministry of oil and minerals. Oil companies are required to give ten internal scholarships in the areas of education, and five external ones for high school graduates in various fields beginning by this month.
Ba Abad added that President Hadi directed all exploratory, productive, and subcontracting companies to open offices in Hadhramout and facilitate the work in conjunction with local authorities, taxes, insurance regulations, and licensing. All revenue will stay in Hadhramout.
The Director of  Public Relations for oil companies in all fields will now be from concession areas to facilitate the task of communicating with local communities, in addition to the coordinator of Social Development.
Ba’Abad also said that a couple of days previously, the Defense Minister began supporting 1,000 grassroots paramilitary fighters, in coordination with tribal alliances. He added that this came alongside pension reform.
“As we got directives of the Minister of Interior for the referral of the elderly and the patients of the employees in the security of Hadhramout to the pension fund and recruit other instead of them ”.
Ba Abad also said that cancer and environmental concerns need to be met, pointing to presidential directives regulating Petromcilh Company as being positive. Petromcilh is now required to bring in specialists on the environment, and to study the environmental situation in the area of petroleum operations and its impact on citizens, paying compensation if necessary and removing damage quickly. He also spoke of military transfers.
“We have got presidential decrees from the Ministry of Defense to transfer the headquarters of military areas of the away from urban and population centers during the current year, and to appoint a leader to protect oil companies in the province of  Hadhramout with the help of a group of officers who are qualified”.
The disclosure of these directives came after tribes accepted arbitration and a delegation to meet with President Hadi in Sana’a. Sheikh Abad was joined with other Sheikhs from  al-Jahwi for the talks.
Hadhramout has been paralyzed by protests and rebellion since the killing of Sheikh Ben Habrish and two of his soldiers late last year, which provoke the creation of the Hadhramout Tribes’ Alliance.