YALI celebrates 39th anniversary

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YALI celebrates 39th anniversary

By Fouad al-Zubairy

YALI has celebrated its 39th anniversary as the largest and most respected English language institute in Yemen. The school is very famous, and supported by a wide range of public and private sponsors, individuals, and a number of bilateral and multilateral development sponsors. YALI’s alumni includes embassy employees, government officials, businesspeople, academics, journalists, translators, engineers, and doctors.

YALI’s mission is to teach English to Yemeni students. It hopes to help them achieve their professional and personal goals, reaching about 3, 700 students annually. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Amat Razaq Humad, various businessmen, and many officials attended the ceremony. Humad was the guest of honor, and also attended a photo exhibition put on by YALI students.

Humad praised the significant role YALI has played in teaching English, in addition to serving the government and enhancing bilateral cultural ties with a number of English-speaking countries. She stressed the significance of using language to better understand other peoples. For her, language is a bridge that assists in cultural exchange, civil and religious debates, and other global interactions.

Mr. Aziz al-Hadi, on behalf of YALI, said that YALI will continue to give a high quality learning experience through innovative curriculums. He also praised the significant role played by Yemeni women at the school, especially as a part of its assigned work. 

“YALI students learn about defending children and women’s rights before going abroad and leading successful careers.”

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  • Human being and change are compulsory to each other and the concept of modification and evolution of the personality, systems and procedures to suit the time and situation has been innate to his personality which is why education system in the world has also undergone several changes according to the comfort and understanding of man.