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Japanese grants to fund three new projects in Yemen

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Japanese Ambassador Katsuyoshi Hayashai signed the documents along and Abdulqader Hilal, Mayor of Sana’a City,

By NY Staff

The Government of Japan has decided to extend its grants to Yemen, mainly for the benefit of the capital city and Sana’a governorate. Three projects are to be implemented soon, under the Japanese plan called “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects.” These projects are aimed at supporting small scale community-based projects in the areas of basic human needs, such as primary health care, basic education and rural water supply. The three projects involve $320, 077 in total.

Japanese Ambassador Katsuyoshi Hayashai signed the documents on behalf of the government of Japan, while Abdulghani Hefdhallah Jameel, Governor of Sana’a, and  Abdulqader Hilal, Mayor of Sana’a City, have approved the three agreements. They were joined by Saba’a Jameel, Chairwoman of the “Challenge Foundation for Physically Disabled Women”, and Zafarn Mohammed Zaid, Chairwoman of the “Yemeni Women’s Empowerment Foundation”, and Abdulbaset Mohammed Al-Kumaim, Chairman of the “Cities Cleaning and Improvement Fund for Sana’a Governorate”.

The number one project is called “Improving Bus Operation for Disabled Women,” to be implemented by Jameel’s organization. It aims to facilitate public transporation for disabled women, with an emphasis on attending and leaving their treatment at the Foundation. The second is named “Procuring Sewing, Embroidery, and Cooking Facilities,” to be tackled by Zaid’s group, which aims at training and rehabilitating women to earn income and lift their family living standards. The last was given to Al-Kumaim’s organization, which is called “Procuring Three Garbage Tipper Trucks” and aims at improving garbage collection services in the southern areas of Sana’a Governorate.

Japan has funded more than 213 projects through this form of grant assistance in Yemen. The total amount of the grants to date is about $15 million. Japan has provided $88 million of assistance to Yemen since 2012, mostly for humanitarian projects, and including $5 million for the political transition process.