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Yemeni youths dream of emigration

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By NY Staff

“Money in alienation is a homeland, and poverty in homeland is alienation.” Ali Bin Abi Talib said these words to communicate that poverty is more difficult than leaving homeland. It is very common for many Arab countries and Yemen in particular, where emigration has become increasingly commonplace.

23-year-old Mohammed Hussein works very hard, day and night in order to make enough amount of money to purchase or acquire  a visa, which will cost him $10 000 approximately . He plans on using the assistance of his friend.

“Yemeni youths want to travel abroad, because of the harsh living conditions they experience in the homeland. Searching for a job isn’t the only reason for emigration, it can also be for education, tourism and multi issues. This kind of emigration is for the class of officials and businessmen.

Many youths travel abroad to improve their income, and escape from the security situation and economic crises that plague Yemen. 25-year-old Fouad al-Falahi says that many Yemeni young people dream of emigration simply to get a decent life.

“European countries are considered the best places to move to, because immigrants get all their rights over there,  they can even apply for the  nationality according to that countries laws.”

Yemenis also migrate to the United States and the Gulf States. The latter can be especially difficult, but thousands go every year. Yemeni youth migration is distributed among many different countries apart from these two, although they are the most popular options.