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Arrests made linked to smuggled oil products

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Arrests made linked to smuggled oil products

By NY Staff

Dr. Mansour Ali Al-Batani , executive General Manager of Yemen Petroleum Company, has said that arrests have been made linked to people stealing diesel from thirty-two locomotives, including two derivatives on a train from Sana’a to Hodeida, and sixteen infractions at stations in the last few weeks.

Al-Batani emphasized that the company provides regularly based on its reserves from the government, and that the cause of the congestions is the increased demand for fuel during the agricultural season and a growing demand for electricity. He explained that there are 495 houses in the capital that together consume 2, 475, 000 liters of fuel during the outage hours of night, which is twice than the Secretariat does during the month.

Al-Batani emphasized, though, that market demand hasn’t gone up significantly since 2009. He says that this is a rumor, and calls on Yemenis to stay away from the black market as the company works hard to meet new challenges.