Government plans to establish 13 industrial areas in the six regions

National Yemen

Minister of commerce and trade

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to establish thirteen industrial areas, distributed amongst the six regions of the federal state. According to the report offered to the Cabinet  Ministers last week, two industrial areas would be in the Azal region, one in al-Jand, three in Aden, four  in Hadramout, two in Tihama, and one in Sheba.

The report explained that the Azal areas would be established in Amran and Dhamar. The first is a service area to make building materials, and the second is dedicated to light industry. The area of both is about 300 hectares. Al-Jand would be between Hodeida and Mokha; Hadramout would be in al-Mukalla, Balhaf, al-Maharh, and al-Wadeeah; Hodeida and Harad would dominate Tihama, and Marib would host the only area in Sheba.

The report emphasized that the plan does not negatively affect the regions. The Ministry will work to link the industrial areas to local authorities. It also emphasized that the Ministry works to make the national private sector a responsible one through development.

The report awaits agreement by the cabinet Ministers.