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Sheikh al-Ahmar brings libel lawsuit to local Yemeni newspaper

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Sheikh al-Ahmar brings libel lawsuit to local Yemeni newspaper

By wafa A.Alkhazzan

The Office of Sheikh al-Ahmar said that the legal office which represents him has filed a lawsuit against the daily newspaper Al Shara’a for publishing what he described as “false news detrimental to the reputation of Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar,” said news discredits him and the institutions of the state, which leads to social disturbances and the loss of citizen confidence.

Al-Ahmar’s office sent a petition to the Attorney General, Dr. Ali Alaoash, in which he addressed a number of articles published by Al Shara’a. His lawyers said that the newspaper “deliberately offends repeatedly and damages the reputation of our client through the dissemination of false news without any proof of its claims, and based on anonymous sources.”

Al-Ahmar’s lawyers are asking the Alaoash to “investigate the defendant and submit its findings to courts for trial according to law, and to ensure its prevention in the future, as such acts are incompatible with the message of the press-freedom.”

They also seek rehabilitation and compensation for Sheikh al-Ahmar. Al-Shara’a Newspaper is an independent daily founded by Naif Hassan.

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