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Two new Yemeni films to be released

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Two new Yemeni films to be released

By Tamjid Alkohali

Films, be they documentaries or cinematic, are considered best way to address issues, spread awareness and record events. A group of famous Yemeni actors are preparing to shoot a 90-minute film called “Unknown, But?” that will address a number of social issues.

Actor and director Mohammed Ablan explained that the film would discuss stolen monuments, armed struggle, child trafficking, and migrant labor.

“The last step of the film comes before the completion of production. It was decided that it will start filming during the beginning of next week.”

Ablan says that filming will take place in Yemen, Egypt, and Turkey, with artists from Iraq and Syria. It will feature actor Ali al-Jubouri, and music by NO MORE band.

At the same time, a Turkish channel is preparing a documentary film about Yemeni tourism to air on March 30. Presenter Walden says that it will focus on sites of historical and cultural significance, such as Old Sana’a, and has also been filmed in Shibam, Kawkaban, Thela, and Wadi Dahar.

It will also highlight the similarities between Turkey and Yemen in order to showcase programs that celebrate the two countries and their shared traditions.

“Yemen is famous for its ancient and original civilization, and it has a big place in the heart of Turks.”