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Former President insulted Revolution Youth on Facebook

National Yemen

Portrait of Saleh wearing traditional Tuza, a dagger similar to Jambiya yet worn mainly by judges and dignitaries during the Imamate period

By NY Staff

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has insulted revolutionary youth by charging them with hypocrisy and falsehood. He also called them brokers, traders, producers, and sellers of hypocrisy, ignorance and neglect.

Saleh, who was removed from power after a massive youth revolution, said that those who claimed that there is an Arab and revolutionary spring are liars and morals traders.

“They’re hopeless patients and became a source of contamination in life and humanity.”

On his Facebook page, Saleh said that the revolutionary youth are infected with incurable diseases that are clearly visible in their body parts, as well as diseases which are not shown and are endemic inside of them. Saleh also attacked the media and accused channels of selling speech.

“They are evil with unfruitful thoughts, lack of understanding, and obnoxious words. All their thoughts are based on noise and intimidation, meant to terrorize people and steal their tranquility and security.”

Saleh’s attacks are coinciding with revelations of his and his party’s involvement in supporting the al-Houthi group in Amran and other areas, endangering the gains of the new republic and endangering the young revolution.