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Historic mosque in Yemen at risk of collapse

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The Al Jund mosque was built by the companion Muaz bin Jabal in 628.

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Yemen’s first mosque, which was built by Mouath  bin Jabal – a prominent companion of the Prophet Muhammad – is at risk of collapsing and urgently awaits necessary repairs to save it.

The historic Al Jund mosque has received little to no attention despite being located in the city of Taiz, which was named Yemen’s cultural capital in 2013.

According to building inspector Taha Ulwan, serious cracks have appeared in the walls and the roof and the minaret has tilted to one side.

Mosque employee Al-Izzi Muslih said that they have contacted Italian engineers to help restore the mosque, which also contains documents believed to belong to Muaz bin Jabal in its library.

The mosque was built in the sixth year after the hijrah, or exodus from Mecca to Medina, from which Muslims derive their calender. This corresponds roughly to the year 628 CE.