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Labor Syndicate of Total E&P suspend strike

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Labor Syndicate of Total E&P suspend strike

By the Editor
Total E&P says it has reached an agreement with the Labor Syndicate of Block 10 on March 27th, 2014. The suspension was made in response good efforts made by  the newly appointed Oil and Minerals Minister, Khalid M. Bahah. The strike began last month.

The newspaper has received a press statement from the company that has announced the compete suspension of the strike. In its message, the company management expressed its appreciations to the good efforts made by Bahah.    

This is only one of many strikes that have occurred in Yemen recently, and a wave of strikes have affected many companies. This occurs alongside infrastructure sabotage, though an engineer for SAFER has managed to repair a pipeline that was damaged by an accident involving several engineers last week.
The oil and gas sector in Yemen is the main source of income for the country’s treasury . Yemen’s oil is declining with the absence of new oil drilling and investment. Since 2011, there have been no additional investors due to the revolution.