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Losses of Hadramout attack revealed

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Losses of Hadramout attack revealed

By NY Staff
Security devices estimated the material losses caused by last week’s terrorism at a checkpoint in Sayhut of Hadramout province, to be about YR 20 million. Security agencies emphasized that they are still investigating who committed the crime that led to the deaths of twenty security personnel. 

The new Interior Minister Abdo al-Tarab is working to improve the security picture of the country after terrorism and lawlessness, demanding that the journalists and media to support the security programs and spread awareness among people to ensure stability in the country.    

On the other hand, tribal gunmen released a TV crew for «Sky News» after hours of detention at a tribal point near al-Dabar in Amran province, north of the capital Sana’a. Reporter Mohammed al-Kadhai said that his friend, the photographer Sami al-Ansi, barely avoided death after gunmen shot at his car.
 “The gunmen in the tribal point threatened us with death and asked us to stop, so we were forced to agree.”  
The gunmen seized the tapes and camera before the crew was released back to Sana’a.