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Rainy season is an alarm in Shibam, Hadramout

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Shibam city at Wadi Hadramout Yemen

By YN staff

Recently, buildings in Shibam have started needed retrofitting for the coming rainy season. Most of the buildings in the city need regular maintenance, otherwise, the effects will be difficult to control. The GTZ foundation, in cooperation with Social Fund for Development worked until 2010 to renovate the historical buildings in the city. However, this program ended with the collapse of the GTZ in the same year.

Right now, the state has a real problem with the people of the city and the local community, because these buildings have become very old and need to quick intervention, especially since their owners are mostly impoverished.

Shibam still has a unique traditional architectural style, as well as its wall which surrounds it as a belt from a wide desert and fertile valley. Additionally, the city has two beautiful palaces; one in the North, the other is in the South. Fortunately, both of palaces are still in a good condition.

Shibam is the first historical city in Yemen which argued strongly for its placement on the World Heritage List, registered by UNESCO in 1982.  According to the experts, Shibam is the first city in the world where built in the skyscrapers using the mud.

Historians warn that these skyscrapers will continue to be affected badly by floods and rains. In 2008, the rainy season destroyed more than 450 houses, as well as seven mosques.