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Yemeni journalist Faras Shamsan suffered for 36 days

National Yemen

Faras Shamsan

Asma al-Mohattwari

March 26th, Horria Foundation for Rights, Freedoms and Media Development held a press conference for the journalist Fras Shamsan, who was imprisoned in Egypt for about a month. His condition was explained, including the fact that he is suffering from abuse and arbitrary arrest while he was at Cairo International Book Exhibition.

Egyptian authorities arrested Shamsan at the Cairo International Book Exhibition. Shamsan had originally come to Egypt for medical tourism in December 2013. He was subjected to various forms of torture at police headquarters, and his case was converted into a criminal charge after fabricated charges that he seeks to overthrow the current regime. He was forced to sign the confession within minutes, without even viewing it.

After contact with the Yemeni embassy, a lawyer was appointed to defend him on his fourth day of detention.

“I felt that the lawyer was working against me and not with me. He showed up after the deadline on February 6, and that made the prosecution extend the period of detention again.”

On February 18, four volunteer lawyers came to defend his case and the Yemeni embassy started to contact the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior. He was released on March 4.