Shabwa: Three New oil Wells

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Shabwa: Three New oil Wells

By NY Staff

Jannuh Hunt Oil Company doing oil business operations in  Shabwa announced  three new wells in al-Nasser field to be brought to production stage during the next few days. Governor Ahmed Ba-Haj of Shabwa, and Deputy Oil Minister Ahmed Salem Ba-Suraih, were briefed on the oil production process in the three wells. The daily amount of Hunt Oil’s production exceeds thirty thousand barrels from about sixty wells.

Ba-Suraih and Ba-Haj praised the efficient production used by the company, maintaining the gas emitted from the extracted oil, and restoring it underground for future extraction. Approximately 60 million cubic feet of gas are injected per day.

Oil subsidies have become a heavy burden on the government,  since diesel smuggling to other countries from Yemen is a serious problem that involves traders, local officials, and border protection.

“The Ministry will not pay attention to the obstacles that were encountered in the investment work in the oil field. The Oil Ministry will face all challenges and obstacles with courage.” Said the minister of Oil and minerals.

Ba-Suraih and Bahah laid the foundation stone at the first gas station in Shabwa in Alzhaba field at Hunt Company, a project that coasted $15 million and will provide electric power to Asilan, Bihan, and Aien governorates. Bahah was pleased with the project.

“I will work to solve the energy problem in these districts and provide a fundamental solution to the people suffering and meet their needs which lasted for several years. This electric project represents a significant fruit of cooperation between the people in Asilan, Bihan and Aien with the company.”

Executive Director of the Yemeni Company for Oil Investments, Ahmed Harmel, said that in the next two days, an engineering team will arrive at Alzhba field t

For his part, the Executive Director of the Yemeni Company for Oil Investments, Ahmed Harmel, said that in the next two days an engineering team specializes in the installation of the components of the power plant in the Alzhba field will arrive. Harmel expected that the completion of the work will be within the next three months.

At the same time, Bahaj inaugurated the ambulatory station for electricity Asilan which was provided by Hunt Company. The station power is four Mega as a temporary solution to meet the people need and provide the directorate electricity until the completion of the work in the gas station.

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