Yemen needs to avoid these


By Fakhri al-Arashi

Yemen’s economic problems are dramatically increasing day after another, with the strong presence of tiny social programs and the absence of real investment Yemen may go worst. In the past, the government of Yemen  was focusing on obtaining international support by promoting Yemen globally as an ideal democratic country and wining funds through humanitarian and political projects.

Yemeni history is overwhelmingly negative on this point.  Even now, the new transitional government can’t focus and prioritize its needs to escape ongoing political and economic crises. I am aware that it is not Yemen’s wish for this to be the case, and it is not a shame to ask for the help of international originations as well donors, friends of Yemen and the GCC initiative fund.

All are very accepted and welcomed to assist Yemen escape its current problems. What makes Yemeni citizens upset is when the wrong initiatives throw donors money away and waste time, with zero results on the ground especially. For example, the supports of movements against domestic violence, child marriage, the project for a children’s parliamentary election, and similar projects will not find success at this time. The root of the problem has to be tackled.

With respect to international organizations doing work on these projects, they need to slow down and divert their resources towards helping Yemen fight political violence, hunger and, moreover, assist the government to achieve goals of change for good. Change is not easy and is not yet has come, but the cost of working in the wrong direction will only keep growing. For instance, the growing amount of poverty in rural areas made it much harder to change people’s opinions about sending their daughters to schools, or letting them vote.

The transition is very sensitive in Yemen, and the country may collapse from any minor mistake from any partisan group. Simply put, the show from international workers in Yemen is much greater than what people actually get in return. This will bring more harm than good for the future of the country.