Youth Conference concludes first phase of awareness campaign

National Yemen

Yasser Al-Ra’ainy

By NY Staff

The executive body of the General National Congress for Youth warned against changing anything agreed to in the National Dialogue Conference, and called on the state to ensure security and stability by punish anyone who tries to dominate any area, especially through corruption.

The executive body emphasized the need for disarmament of all armed groups and militias, adding that there is also a need to return dignity to the nation and its citizens, through preservation of their rights. It also emphasized the importance of implementing the NDC’s outputs.

The executive body went on to demand the release of all those detained during the revolution, as well as punishing those who killed martyred protesters, and compensating their families.

Under the slogan “we start to continue”, the GNCY has approved of the NDC, and says that it looks forward to the future. In the closing ceremony, manager Yasser Alraeina explained that the slogan refers to all the struggles of young people in 2011. They did not simply end. They are ongoing, and require intense supervision to be made concrete in daily life.

“Today we launch the achievement of these outputs to reality through achieving the first phase, which is new priorities on the political side, including the women’s representation quota, and educational and economic goals at different levels, noting that new attitudes are needed to implement them at all levels of society.”

Alraeina pointed out that the second phase of actualizing the NDC’s outputs will include the achievement of important demands in different constitutional, legal and professional aspects in all sectors, institutions, and governorates. He also thanked the government’s efforts in realizing this awareness campaign.

Furthermore, Alraeina outlined the aims of this awareness campaign about the path forward, which will target Yemeni youth for two months in all areas of the country. It will consist of meetings in secondary schools, forums, universities, and other events. Topics to be discussed will include politics, economics, participation, education, culture, and social life.

Minister of Local Administration Ali Mohamed al-Yazidi responded by emphasizing the importance of youths in creating awareness to implement the outputs of the NDC.