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New Assassination Attempt Targeted Dr. al-Wazeer

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New Assassination Attempt Targeted Dr. al-Wazeer

Asma al-Mohattwari

Dr. Ismail Ibrahim al-Wazeer, Chairman of the Shura Council for al-Haq Party, and a law professor at Al-Zidia University, survived a failed assassination attempt by unknown gunmen yesterday in Sana’a.

Dr. al-Wazeer escaped with minor injuries. However, the assassination attempt resulted in the deaths of two of his guards. Witnesses said that attackers were on two trucks, Hyundai Santa Fes, and that they started shooting the car of Dr. al-Wazeer while passing near Change Square.

Yasser al-Wazeer said that he visited Dr. al-Wazeer in the hospital, and found him in good health.

Dr. Hassen Zaid, Secretary General of al-Haq Party, said that this crime comes as part of a series of assassination attempts targeting innovative Yemeni minds.

“Security agencies must take the necessary measures and should not hide the offenders.”

It is the third assassination targeting Al-Zidia’s professors in recent months. Dr. Abdul Karim Jedban and Dr. Ahmed Sharaf al-Din have been killed in two different attacks.

Some Yemeni media websites mistakenly reported that the attack successfully killed Dr. al-Wazeer, head of the Constitution Drafting Committee, but Dr. Entlaq al-Motaukel, a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee, confirmed that this was not the case.