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Turkish Embassy in Yemen denies faked story

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A picture for Yemeni students were chosen to study in Turkey this ye

The Turkish embassy in Sana’a issued a press release denied the faked story of capturing a boy on board of Turkish airlines flying to Istanbul. The statement said,  specific newspaper and affiliated webpages carried a distorted news as “Turkish Airlines plane to Turkey was stormed in Aden and an Al-Qaida terrorist was captured from the stopped plane to Istanbul.. etc.”

What really happened was a 19 years old boy from Aden was detained by Yemeni authorities at the passport control point in Aden Airport and prevented to travel to Istanbul probably due to a request by his father who was worried that his son may be influenced by radicals to go and fight in Syria. He was never embarked in the plane, and no “storming and stopping of the plane” occurred as dramatized by the same newspaper.

His name has not been communicated to any Turkish authority through any channel as a suspected terrorist who should be prevented travelling.

The boy (name withheld by the Embassy) was issued a tourist visa by the Embassy on 3/1/2014 based on a guarantee letter signed in original by a known businessman (name and details withheld by the Embassy) in official letterhead of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Yemen, with signature endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce of Aden.

Foreign fighters and groups affiliated with Al-Qaida in Syria constitute an imminent threat first for the security of Turkey, as well as the security and stability of wider region, including Yemen, of course.

This is a global threat that requires international cooperation, which has been properly conducted between competent Yemeni authorities and their Turkish counterparts, thus defying the desperate attempts of distortion by some known circles.