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560 children are victims of trafficking

Asma al-Mohattwari

The Child Protection Center in Haradh received 560 boys and girls deported from neighboring countries who were the victims of child trafficking in 2013.

According to an official report issued by the Social Affairs in Hajja, the 560 Yemeni children belong to families in a number of provinces: Hajja, al-Mahweet, Hodeida, Sa’ada, Raima, Dhamar, Ibb and  Taiz. The report explained that the center has worked to provide psychological support to them, and following that, has brought them back to their families.

The report revealed that the most prominent reasons for families pushing their children into situations that risk child labor and smuggling are poverty, and the need to supplement their incomes. It added that child trafficking is also buoyed by domestic violence, and neglect, whether in education, attention, illiteracy, and worsened by factors like divorce.