Adnan Al Shawafi : multiple universes conclusion by confirming Gravitational Waves is not evidence-based

National Yemen

Adnan al-Shawafi

By Adnan al-Shawafi

Yemeni astronomer Adnan al-Shawafi has criticized  a number of newspapers and websites around the world for publishing, in March, reports saying scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (HCFA) are convinced that the universe is immortal and that there are multiple universes.

This conclusion was allegedly based on radio telescope observations, pointing out that exceptional energy is behind the expansion of the universe. This energy, moving at the speed of light, is called gravitational waves.

The researcher said that what has been described as waves of gravity is nothing but a fundamental universal force apart from the four well-known cosmic forces. He considers it to be a hasty conclusion to describe a fundamental force as being waves of gravity and that there are several universes and related effects. Rather, that force is what the researcher himself had described and explained last year, as part of his research under the title “Compound Balance Balls: An Approach in Astronomy,” as a field of repulsion between spherical objects.

Al-Ashawafi warned against rushing to issue conclusions based on no evidence, since the discovery simply points towards an increasingly complex picture that will press a need for new solutions. He does speculate that the discovery may eventually shed light on the Big Bang, as well as the relationship between dark matter and other matter.

Al-Ashawafi has been a researcher for fifteen years, and became prominent with last year’s publication of “Compound Balance Balls.” It was published by Dar books, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture. It has been translated into different languages, and sent to various astronomical societies worldwide.