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German’s abductors threaten to sell him to AQAP with the next 48 hours

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Abducted Germen citzen

By the editor

In a TV conversation with a local broadcasting channel, Ali Horiagdan has given the Yemen government a notice of 48 hours to pay him $15 million to release his captive before he sells the abducted German doctor to al-Qaida in Yemen. The negotiations started at $15 million with AQAP, though they offered $10 million.

The interest of al-AQAP intensified once they found out about the doctor’s former employment as an intelligence officer.  Horiagdan said that one of his friends is against the deal with AQAP, and called on the Yemeni government to free the German doctor.

Sheikhs and some government representatives are still negotiating and waiting for the deadline. The German is suffering from cancer, and calls upon his government and the government of Yemen to free him.