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MOE & U.S.A Embassy Concludes Training Workshop In Mali

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Teachers taking traing course

Acram Mothana Haider
Under the guidance of the United States Department of State, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the U.S Embassy,  have recently started the first program of many called “Instructional Strategies for Teaching and Reading,” for English teachers across Yemen.
The overall program will be conducted with the MALI institute, which focuses on four hundred teachers from across Yemen. It started on March 16th and will conclude on May 6th.
Ahmed al-Qadhi and Nadeem al-Murshidi were proud of the program, which combines individual work, group work, discussion, and innovative tools for teaching. One teacher was particularly happy.
“I really gotten a lot benefit from these programs. Absolutely amazing!”
“It is fabulous,” added another. “I could not believe that there are some hidden clues regarding reading techniques, and I will reflect on whatever I have been trained on within my classrooms.”
The program is set to cover more governorates in the future, as the State Department begins working with other officials in the country. Some teachers were enthusiastic about bringing it to institutes across Yemen, which are in need for updated strategies and methods of teaching English.

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