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Al-Sahaht TV Channel Staff Refused To Be Replaced By Lebanese Cadre

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Al-Sahaht TV Channel Staff reject the new appointment

Asma al-Mohattwari

 The Journalist Syndicate held a press conference for al-Sahaht channel manager, Ahmed al-Zurqa to clarify the confusion going on with the channel. Al-Zurqa said that the new management has issued a decision to stop Yemeni staff and their financial dues, instead, hiring new Lebanese staff.

Al-Zurqa added that the channel management appointed a Lebanese leader of Hizb’Allah, Nasser al-Akhder as general manager, instead of the Yemeni journalist Ridan al-Moqadem, at the channel main office in Beirut.

In the press conference, al-Zurqa said that Sultan al-Samey, al-Sahaht chairman, and Judge Ahmed Saif Hashed, managing board member are practicing illegal actions against the staff, because they are using an arm-twisting policy to implement foreign agendas and using the channel and workers as a cover for it.

“The channel is not related to those who call themselves the Boards of Directors al-Samey and Hashed. Rather, the channel is owned by Iran and the Director General is the Lebanese Nasser al-Akhder.”

“There is financial and administrative corruption practiced by this media organization that works without official permission in Yemen and the channel may affect the stability of the transition period if it continues this way.”

Staffers say they will not quit their strike until their demands are met. Al-Sahaht is one of fourteen satellite TV channels in Yemen, most of which are broadcast from Beirut or Cairo.