Free Open-Heart Surgeries in Sana’a hospitals

National Yemen

Yemeni doctors in al-Thawra Hospital

By Wafa A. Alkhazzan

A group of Yemeni doctors have made 200 open-heart surgeries free in four Sana’a hospitals for a variety of patients. This comes under the second phase of a national program for open-heart surgery, aimed at conducting 3, 000 free surgeries for the poor and needy over a year. The charity Qatar Foundation is implementing the effort with the hospitals Al-Thawra, Science and Technology, Lebanese, and Saudi-German.

Dr. Mohammed Wahi, Director at the Qatar Foundation Yemen Office, said that the program aims to ease suffering among patients and relieve the intense congestions at Yemeni hospitals. He also pointed out that though the surgeries were free, normally they cost between $7, 000 and $10, 000 in Yemen. He added that there is also a plan for foreign doctors to visit Yemen, and for a new specialized center for heart diseases to be established.

The Qatar Foundation program attempts to reach all governorates, and has been implemented in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health and Population, as well as various health organizations in Yemen’s public and private sectors.

Director-General of Al-Thawra Hospital, Abdulkarim Mohammed al-Khawlaani, praised the assistance, and said that it goes a long way to better the situation of medical patients in Yemen.

Qatari ambassador Mohammed bin Hamad al-Hajri formally launched the program on January 23rd at a cost of just over $3.5 million. It follows the first phase of the program, which included 420 surgeries for children and adults.


  • Very useful blog. As a child dreamed of being a surgeon, but once broke both arms and finger myself tries * th through sliced ​​through torment after 3 months, I realized that it's not my surgery I have one already vomiting blood flow wants! Cheers~ Steven Patterson

  • Oh really!!! Sana’a hospital is doing free Open-Heart Surgeries. I am very happy to get this information and really i am very happy to you to know the content as well. Keep it up.