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Judges Continue strike for the sake of security

By YN Staff
The Extraordinary Meeting of Members of the Judiciary, held on 20th March, announced that work will continue to be suspended in order to implement the statement of Yemen Judges Club numbers (2-3) for 2014, emphasizing their return to work after achieving their requests.    
The statement issued at the end of the meeting emphasized the need to provide protection to judicial facilities and judges. It also discussed educating members of the military and security in the importance of the judiciary and its position, as well as the importance of activating procedures, especially with those who attack judges and judicial facilities.   
In addition, the statement emphasized the importance of stopping all violations against the judicial authority, and to ensure security in judicial facilities.
Participants confirmed the importance of the government’s commitment to implementing provisions of the Constitution, though they refused to comment on rulings in media outlets of any form.
They also criticized the Supreme Judicial Council for being unable to perform its constitutional and legal duties. They advised the Council to act on all of its responsibilities to preserve judicial independence in Yemen, as well as asserting itself in military matters.
Chairman of the Judges Club of Yemen Jarrah Belaid spoke about the importance to stop attacks against the judiciary in all provinces, pointing out that the judicial strike means that the field’s mission in Yemen is for rights and justice.

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  • We are wondering from what judges are striking i believe they want to strike tell their vacation comes then that will be comfortable for them to take along rest . i will give a piece of advice to judges
    be frighten of Allah and you must sacrifice for this kind home that need you at this crucial moment