Karama has no walls displays at Shahran Hotel

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Shahran hotel over night

By NY Staff

Shahran Hotel, Universal Group and other international travel airlines sponsors hosted a group of journalists representing Arabic and English newspapers to a revived cultural nights in Sana’a.

The event was set up and designed for families and individuals to spend their weekends away from noise and qat chewing.

Different from last week, the weekly program of Shahran Hotel this Fridays brought us back to the days of the youth revolution through displaying the Yemeni movie Karama has no walls on the poolside space. Mr. Amin al-Ghabri, a cameraman of the Yemeni film “Karama Has No Walls,” which was nominated for an Academy Award was hosted to brief guests with his experience with the film .

Al-Ghabari said the film grabbed the attention of American audiences and was displayed in more than a hundred and fifty theaters in the United States. “In Yemen,  the film did not get a strong media exposure like how it did in the states.”

Mr. Mazen al-Shaiban, the marketing manager raised a question to al-Ghabari after the show asking him, about why the film did not cover the pro-government protestors. Al-Ghabari said that the purpose was to show the side of the revolutionists and that is how the film was created.

‘Karama has no walls’ is set amidst Yemen’s 2011 uprising. The film illustrates the nature of the Yemeni revolution in stark contrast to the gross violations of human rights that took place on Friday, March 18th 2011.

Juma’at El-Karama (Friday of Dignity) marks a turning point in the Yemeni revolution as the tragic events that took place on this day -when pro-government snipers shot 53 protestors dead – shook the nation and propelled hundreds of thousands more to flock to the square in solidarity with their fellow citizens.

Through the lenses of two cameramen and the accounts of two fathers, the film retells the story of the people behind the statistics and news reports, encapsulating the tragic events of the day as they unfolded.

Shahran Hotel is striving to host a variety of culture and tourism activities in response to the calls of the government which is working towards the Sana’a Summer Festival. It has suffered from the past decade of strife in Yemen, especially since the revolution.