Science & Technology University Students -Taiz Share Their Experience back With National Yemen

National Yemen

Science & Technology University Students -Taiz Share Their Experience back With National Yemen

The chairman of English department of the University of Science & Technology Dr. Baleid Taha Shamsan, along with two more female teachers and ten undergraduate female students, visited the head office of National Yemen last Wednesday. Aiming to improve their knowledge on translation, news writing process and editing, the students were highly motivated by their teachers, parents and classmates to acquire the essential working process of English-language newspapers in the country. 

National Yemen’s publisher and Editor–in-Chief Fakhri Al-Arashi, along with his team, were glad to exchange their thoughts and reply back to the students questions. For hours of open talks, the students were amazed at the simplicity and smooth working process at the newspaper. 

Some of the students, with the supervision of Dr. Baleid, reflected back on their impressions about the visit in general and National Yemen specifically. These are honest feelings sent from Taiz  Science & Technology University Students, Faculty of English, to National Yemen.

Noha Galal, said, “the experience I got on the first field trip has honestly changed my mind for good. Visiting a newspaper was an idea brought up to the class. I really didn’t focus on the general value of what  was Dr. Baleid  is planning for.”

“On Saturday afternoon, we arrived to Sana’a aiming to visit the English  newspapers. The image was big, and the curiosity was there to know about these newspapers. Once we reached the National Yemen newspaper office, I realized that this was another successful newspaper. What grabbed my attention was the team work of  National Yemen and their focus on the goal to reflect the best image of the country.”

“Mr. Al-Arashi, was very humble in keeping an eye on improving the working environment based on friendly  relations. His team was very dynamic, and followed a good working strategy of struggles to produce the best quality of news and reports.”

“A newspaper in my opinion isn’t just an entertainment issue to be read every morning. It is an opportunity to live, to learn and be part of things.”

Bothina Moneer described her visit to National Yemen as one of the most interesting and stimulating visits for the students. 

“I have figured out what does  the spirit of the teamwork mean?” said Bothina. “I came to know how National Yemen sets strong foundations and competition in the journalism field in spite of the difficulties and challenges the paper encountered at the early beginning of  its establishment, both politically and economically.”

“The paper’s staff are inspired by the future with strong energy and the interest of obtaining another success in the journalism field. I was impressed by the condifence of Publisher & Chief Editor Mr. Fakhri Al-Arashi, who was confident to continue working with his team and seeking the facts, as well as exclusive news stories.”

“This visit made me understand how enthusiasm can keep you up, like how Mr. Fakhri managed to bring the newspaper to the level of other older English newspapers.”

“Thank you Mr. Al-Arashi for giving us such a valuable and wonderful opportunity full of rich information about journalism.”

Amani Qaid al-Moliki said, “this is my first visit to National Yemen newspaper. Actually, I was pleased to see such great staff and understand their great achievement in a short time. Furthermore, the Editor-in-Chief, was very informative and straightforward. He was very open to all our questions and he was debating with us about the basic skills that journalistd require to win an employment opportunity at National Yemen.”

“The process of translation within the journal of English newspaper was a serious subject of  discussion with the editorial team of the newspaper. The good  encouragement we receive made me think of applying for journalism after I finish my last semester at the university.”

Rahma Abdulahafed agreed. 

“We arrived at the National Yemen newspaper (NY) last week for the purpose of an educational visit. NY was the third newspaper in our schedule, and we were able to ask a good number of questions related to our major on translation, style of translation, problems and difficulties of translation and the methods of translation…etc.”

“One of my questions was about the working philosophy of the newspaper and how do they  manage to sustain during the hard time of Yemen. The answer was “if you like your job, you can more and beyond, this by itself keeps up to the challenge” said the editor.”

Boran Al-Shami was delighted at the visit.

“In fact,  the  goal of our visit was  to develop our  skills in the field of translation. The students took benefits more than they were expecting. I personally came to be touched by the honesty of communication in each journalistic issue.”

“I came to know the meaning of quality reporting and the importance of credibility and transparency of writing in an investigative story. National Yemen team has been very responsive to our needs. I was astonished and happy to see that 90% of the team are female staff. This was very encouraging despite their small apartment and limited equipment.”

“Out of that, I came to know that big buildingd and huge infrastructure are not essential in journalism. Productivity and good knowledge are the most important parts of journalism business. This is exactly what I find in National Yemen.”

 “My opinion here is not a compliment towards National Yemen, it is something I genuinely feel. If anyone of you will have the chance to pay a visit to pay a visit to National Yemen newspaper’s office, he may share the same comments, if not more.”                                                       

Somia Saif said that she enjoyed the visit as well.

“I like the working atmosphere of National Yemen, which is a simple and amazing journal with small team. Very selective articles discuss common daily and critical issues within the Republic of Yemen. The chief editor has enriched our knowledge and he helped us think about a better future.”

“Mr. al-Arashi give us brief information about the paper’s establishment and reasons of its success, print and distribution. I can see National Yemen being a successful story, it is worthwhile to read and to take as an example project for any youth who are looking for success.”

Finally, Eman al-Shotfa’a was surprised at the experience.

“I did not expect my first visit to National Yemen’ to be like that; It was great beyond our expectations. 

“I really felt comfortable because of their wonderful dealings. They took care about us, and answered our questions in brief. It was a wonderful experience which gave me a kind of suspense to work in journalism, especially at National Yemen. In fact, as I saw there; they worked as one staff and were also quite powerful in their work.”

“The manager encouraged and supported us by giving a scholarship for the one who was most creatively talented. Also, I noticed that most of the employees are women, which gives a huge contribution for women to work more and more. Though this journal had published in 2010, they have achieved a lot of goals. In short I really appreciate this journal because it gave us a background on how the processes of translation and editing are undergone.”

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