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50% support the National Dialogue Conference results, 56% support the extension of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi

By NY Staff
50% of the Yemeni public supported the National Dialogue Conference end results, 25% were against the document, and 25% said that they do not have a position because of the lack of knowledge of the document terms, according to the Trends in public opinion toward the Yemeni NDC document and the Second transition Period’s report that was announced by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.
34% of the NDC document’s opponents said that they refused it because of the adoption of the federal system that would lead to the division of Yemen or pave the way for it, while 20% of opponents said that the document did not achieve the demands of the South. 
Others reasons were because of that document did not achieve all the demands of the revolution and its goals, especially since the NDC and its results did not represent all political parties and social groups. 5% said that they were rejecting the document because it is imposed by international groups.
The report also included Yemeni perceptions about the federal system recommended by the NDC document as a rule system in Yemen; the results showed that 75% of Yemenis were able to provide a definition of the federal system.
Arab Center for Research has initiated the implementation of the Arab index survey in 2014 in all available Arab countries, and it is expected to announce the main results of the index at the beginning of the next June. 
The survey is the largest in the Arab region, which is being implemented for the third year, allowing decision-makers, researchers, and observers, the possibility of making comparisons reflect changes in Arab public opinion.
Project Supervisor Dr. Mohammed al-Massri said that although the majority of Yemenis expressed their support for the NDC document, that there is an important trend that should not be overlooked. 26% of those surveyed articulated their opposition, which is still alarming.
“To maintain a broad support for the document requires quick and effective systematic procedures in the interest of maintaining security; stability; promoting democracy; and ensuring participatory governance. “
al-Massri added that the speed in implementing the terms of the document helps deepen the confidence that its recommendations will be respected. 
“The lack of awareness and knowledge about the NDC document in a quarter of  respondents reflects an urgent need for an approachable summary of the document’s recommendations.”

The results also  showed that the majority of Yemenis (56%) support the extension of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Only 17% said that they wished to keep the parliament that was elected in 2003. Most (69%) agreed that the elections should take place after the adoption of the Constitution.