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Cultural budget is a useless for better improvement

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Cultural budget has no value for reviving

By Tamjid Alkohali

Everything around us indicates that Yemeni culture is deteriorating. Cultural activities are among the last interests of people and officials, who make the budgets of cultural institutions among the lowest of all institutions. People agree that culture is the most important way to educate the community and build its abilities, as well as unlock its potential. However, it is difficult to develop this when the government is not an ally.

General Manager of the Culture Office in Ibb governorate, Abdul Hakim Moqbel, said that all Yemeni policies must develop culture as an important part of the modern Yemeni state.

“It’s important to create modern infrastructure for culture and creativity. We need to establish modern theaters, build public libraries, return the soul to cinemas, establish museums, manuscript centers, and art houses. We need to launch national campaigns to gather and document our cultural and artistic heritage, and also lead a partnership between public and private sectors to publish people’s creations.”

General Manager of the Culture Office in Hadramawt, Ahmed bin Dowes, said that there is no doubt that culture represents a common identity and is a shared responsibility that must be manifest in the civilian state.

“Implementing this responsibility requires a comprehensive national strategy, including directing attention on creators through motivating them and improving their living standard to make them able to contribute effectively in the cultural activities.”

Artist Ramia al-Jamal that achieve the cultural renaissance needed for Yemen’s artistic sectors requires more collective work.

“We should stop individual attempts which don’t produce any fruit, and we need to stop focusing on one particular group or thought at the expense of everything else. Cultural activities should also not only be held in major cities, but in all governorates and villages.”