Oil Derivatives’ Support is Wrong, While Dosage is Right

National Yemen

a group of secondry school students study in drak

By Mohammed al-Abssi

Activist and writer Mohammed al-Abssi has raised some questions on his blog discussing diesel and oil derivatives support. He has posited a number of questions for the government and organizations, in order to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong in supporting oil and diesel fuel materials. He shares his concerns and  wonders if oil derivatives support is a fault in and of itself. Here are a number  questions and reflections raised by al-Abssi:

Is it right to grant Ali Abdullah Saleh, his regime’s symbols, and dissidents immunity?

Is it right to have a president who cannot pronounce a sentence, and a failed Prime Minister after the revolution?

Is right to promise with transitional justice to punish victims of centuries of violence, while Aman and al-Khatib and many murderers are still free?

Is it right to talk about the youth revolution while the leaders of the political work are basically mummies?

Is it right to put a budget for sheikhs and pay two billion dollars for six local banks as benefits of domestic loans?

Is it right that the U.S. air strikes kills our sons and al-Qaeda seizes our lands while our Defense Minister is a “tourist”?

Is it right that armed groups expand and the government weakens more and more?

Is it right that the state sends mediation committees as if it is a neighboring state mediating civil conflict?

Is it right to talk about the southern issue solution while war partners and alliance of the ‘94 war against the south are still controlling the county?

Is it right to make Sa’ada province an Emirate for Houthis, al-Hassaba another Emirate for al-Ahmar family, and half of the country virtual fiefdoms?

Is it right to keep March 21st park just an ink on paper without asking the responsibility of anything?

Is it right to go to federalism and believe Jamal bin Omar in the time that the government unable to pay salaries?

Is it right , that Saleh Somia’a continues  as Minister of Electricity after his promise to resign in 2013?

Is it right that the presidency sent billions to the oil pipeline and electricity bombers, as well as the kidnappers? 

Is it right that the terrorists have killed more than 100 officers without arresting even one killer?

Is it right to talk day and night about the world support for the Yemeni political settlement while we have nothing to eat?

Is it right to keep listening to al-Houthi and al-Zendani seasonal discoveries and inventions?

Abdulmalik al-Houthi is the leader of Houthis movement that started 1992 under the name al-Shabab al-Moemen. Now it is called Ansar Allah. The movement appeared as a result of the feeling of being marginalized and discriminated by the government of Yemen. They fought six wars against the government, starting in 2004 and ended in 2011.

Sheikh Abdualmajeed al-Zendani is a Yemeni politician and an advocate. He is the founder of Al-Eman University in Yemen and founder of the global body of scientific miracles in the Quran and Sunnah in Mecca. He is the Chairman of the Shura Council of Islah party and one of Islah party founder. 

Is it right to hear about the achievements of Abdul Ghani Jamil or Nasr Taha articles?

Is it right to spread hatred in society by al-Houthi and Islah party?

Is it right to hear Abed Rabbu Hadi speak on behalf of the revolution and congratulates Abdul-Aziz Bouteflika while gloating the Arab Spring?

According to al-Abssi Dozens of questions still need to be asked. so where is the truth among all these faults in the country.?

“All of these faults exist in Yemen and Yemenis have lived with them on a daily basis”.